In all you'll see; Was it that came down on me that night? A conjury, I held on to that moment in black Just to make it alive... Verse strumming intro e -0--0---0---0---| B -1--1---3---0---| G -2--2---4---5---| D -3--2---5---7---| A -3--0---5---7---| E -1--0---3---0---| You sit out there in the coverin'- In the baskings of the holy night And I was lucid and conscious And hovering like a firefly I?m lying stretched out on the canopy It put it's arms out slow And I heard the whispers of silence Floating down from the radio So come on, come on I'm ready now I got the feeling honey like I'm ready to roll... ohhh You see I?m not gonna wait till the end of me Cause I got the burning fire in the bed of my soul ahhhh ohhh verse 2 I saw the light from a kettle gun 16 days under a Southern Sun And there were times when I thought that I wouldn't mind it if I lost my mind out there You wouldn't believe me if I told you so The things I saw were enough to make the man in me a man in me Mmm make a man of me So come on, come on I?m ready now Go get your things out honey, let?s get ready to roll... Oh I can feel the wave coming over me I?ve been waiting for this day too long just to let it all go... BRIDGE As a child I was wonder-eyed At the thought that I might know A life in the ecstasy of rock?n'roll O-oh-oh ... Now taking it slow... I?m an arrow in a bow... You?d think that I would know... What it is that makes me roll... Chorus 1 Solo #1 #2 e --------------------------------------------------7b8------| B --10-p8-h10-----------------10-p8-h10-----------8----------| G -------------9--7---5--\2--------------9--7--h9------------| D -----------------------------------------------------------| A -----------------------------------------------------------| E -----------------------------------------------------------|

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