Intro: () It seems so hard to stay so positive I know how it feels It just takes time something's gotta give Don't let the negative Steal the blue out of the sky Don't leave it all behind This is life this is it It's not everything you want It's everything you get believe it It's not worth leaving Yea this is life once again It's been knocking at your door You ought to let it in Don't waste it it's time you faced it () It seems like years Since you've known happiness So down so long So calm your fears And you'll get out of it Just hang on Why do you cry? Why do you cry? Steal the blue out of the sky Don't leave it all behind This is life once again It's been knocking at your door You ought to let it in Don't waste it it's time you faced it REFRÂO This is life This is life Don't let it pass you by, pass you by It's time you faced it It's time you turned around and faced it INTRO: Guitarra 1: Eb|-----3---|------3---|-----3---|---3---| Repete isso durante a Bb|-------4-|--------4-|-------4-|-----4-| introdução e na primeira Gb|---------|----------|---------|-------| estrofe até ?don?t let it Db|---5-----|---5------|---5-----|--5----| negative?, parando em . Ab|-3-------|----------|---------|-------| Eb|---------|-3--------|-4-------|-4-----| Guitarra 2: Eb|-----|-----|-----|-----| a segunda guitarra entra em ?It just Bb|-----|-----|-----|-----| takes time? e para junto com a primeira. Gb|-5-5-|-----|-----|-----| bate essas notas acompanhando as feitas Db|-5-5-|-5-5-|-6-6-|-6-6-| pela guitarra 1. Ab|-3-3-|-5-5-|-6-6-|-6-6-| Eb|-----|-3-3-|-4-4-|-4-4-| Depois do refrão toca uma intro com as duas guitarras e começa a estrofe como a primeira, mas em ?so down so long? começa uma batida abafada na guitarra 2 (a guit. 1 continua o riff). Depois do segundo refrão a guitarra 2 segue a cifra, e a guit. 1 faz: Eb|-------------------------------------------------| Bb|-------------------------------------------------| Gb|-5--5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5--------| Db|--5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5------| Ab|-------------------------------------------------| Eb|-------------------------------------------------| Isso vai de depois do refrão até o final de ?Why do you cry? Ai a guit. 2 segue a cifra e a guit. 1 faz? Eb|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Bb|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Gb|---------------------------8-8-10-10-12-13-12-12~-15-13-12-13-13/15~-15-15/20| Db|-3-5-5-7-7-8-8-10-10-12-12---------------------------------------------------| Ab|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Eb|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Toca o q ta antes do refrão abafado e depois segue a cifra ate o final...

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