When A Whiskey Buys A Whiskey

Craven Fops

Australia WHEN A WHISKEY BUYS A WHISKY ---------------------------- by Craven Fops Intro. (approx. 8 bars - very loose) When the wind blows backward, and the rain falls up Table's full of bottles, no room for a cup When your flatmates are all dead And still they wont shut up (X2) Verse 1 (X4) When a whiskey buys a whiskey, If looks could kill When a whiskey buys a whiskey, When time stands still When a whiskey buys a whiskey, The damage is exceeding When a whiskey buys a whiskey, and your eyes are slowly receding On that long drive home ...... Bridge 1 Verse 2 (X4) When you're busy, you don't resist me And there is no time for bitching When you hit me, it's a pity I don't think I was listening When you missed me, it was OK, I can take a joke Now I'll take a walk, don't think I'll join ya On that long drive home ...... Bridge 2 (X3) When their lash wounds are thick in blood winner come behind me When they thrash, and need a rub The phone ain't always handy The phone ain't always handy, Yeah-Yeah Bridge 1 Verse 3 (X3) When a whiskey buys a whiskey, And you can't get out Of that tunnel, there's only one way out - That speck of light When a whiskey means it's good-bye I cast a cold eye On that long white line ...... Bridge 2 (X2) When the night was old and scarred ...: I asked him: "Hey, Hey, ... What are you doing ?" And he said: "The people who run this joint have lost all control" Aaaahhhwwww !! They're out of control !!! Bridge 1 Verse 4 (X8) This is a message that was made for you By the dominant institutions of the world Do not turn off, Do not flinch We have your interests at heart - rest assured That there is no life after government Despite what you might have been told There is no life or truth No truth or beauty at all Do not flinch ... Do not raise your eyebrows You have been warned ! Your obedience has been paid for By the nations of the world So cut it off, Cut it off, Cut if off And ring Mandy !! Bridge 1 Outro (X6) Cut it off, Cut it off, Cut if off And ring Mandy !! Yes! Buy me another Whiskey !!!

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