This song has a few figures repeated, I'll just note those and you can put them together. I am also not going to try to work out every exact nuance of the fingerpicking - make it your own! - this means that a 2 here is 2 frets above the capo not the nut. Intro Figure 1. e------|------3-------3-------3-----3---3--- b------|------3-------3-------3-----3---3--- g------|----0---0---0---0---0---0----------- d------|------------------------------------ a--0-2-|--3------2-------------------------- e------|-----------------3-------2----3----- Figure 2 ------3------2h3----3-----3---3---- ------3------3-3----3-----3---3---- ----0---0---------0---0------------ -----------0----------------------- --3-------------------------------- -----------------3------2---3------ Figure 3 ----3--------2h3--3-------3-------- ----3--------3-3--3-------3-------- ----0-------------0-------0-------- ------0--2-0----------------------- --3---------------3--2-0----0-2---- -------------------------3--------- Figure 4 -----3------2h3------2-------0----- -----3------3-3------3-------0----- ---0---0-----------0---0---0---0--- ----------0------2----------------- --3-------------------------------- -------------------------0--------- Intro is Fig1 then Fig 2 Verse it Fig 1 repeated lots, then Fig 2 or 3 depending on where in the song you are. Chorus is Fig 1 and Fig 3 then Fig 2. The bridge ("an ache inside") is Fig 4. There is a little post-chorus fill here and there on the bass notes, you'll work it out.

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