Fallen angel ripped and bruised think of better days. Life is Rude..treats you bad, tears you wings away. Raise you eyes, to star and skys,beleive in flyer ways. Take your dreams,broken scheams,and sweep the past away. fly lonley angel....high above these streets of fire. fly lonley angel....far awyay from mad desires.( Leave Behind the mad desires) Hollywood aint paved with gold...its just a trick of lie. sunset falls on stars of old..blind you with it light. spiders web of tangled lives they stertched across the hills. distant says its glistaning like El Darados halls. A dream of lights and frequent lives but how are you to know streets are hard,there meanings scared where olny fool find gold. [email protected] Great White This could be right...the lyrics may be right too... If you have any comments or Questions..(noland)