Hope you like it 
Daniel Jones 
Greg Champion 
That?s The Thing About Football 
This is the best song to play at a mates house with a fridge full of cans at the halftime of  
Friday Night Footy 
() old coat 
() game to go to 
() here again 
() like an old friend, and 
() That?s the thing about 
() That?s what I like about 
() That?s the thing about 
() The thing about football 
() I?ll meet a friend out(C#m)side the ground 
() who?s gonna win 
() I for mine 
() right to the end, and 
() take my place 
() the taste of it, and 
() walk down 
() favourite ground 
() used my voice 
() support the boys, and 
(A)That's what foot(B7)ball means to me 
() be, and 
When the song reaches a higher pitch in the last part just take it up 2 frets when he sings   
?That?s how I like my footy to be, and?