Love Will Carry Us Along

Ian Moss

Intro: Will you walk with me, Will you talk with me Come take me by the arm, and hold me with your charm Pre Chorus Coz were older now And time - is - slipp - in - by I Dont wanna see you cry Verse Theres no guarantee, In this life you see We Just carry on each day, Be the best of what can be Pre Chorus Chorus And Lo--ve will carry us along It will keep us - close together - make us strong In the cold and dark uncertainty Our hearts - will shine - and walk through sea Oh Love will carry us along Solo Bridge Dont - worry - baby, Dont - cry - tonight We'll turn the corner, Dont give up the fight Don't - Worry - Baby, dont put out the light Theres a new Dear Dawning, Gonna be alright Verse Cmon dont be sad, Thing aint half that bad Coz you know where weve been, Never lose your dream Pre Chorus (x2) Coz were older now And Time - is - slipp - in - by Love will carry us along Love will carry us Love will carry us alo---ng Love will carry us alo---ng mmm octave = X4X6XXX Really Hope more people put up some Ian Moss tabs!!! Great Guitar This song is off his live "Six Strings' albumn! SAMMYJ! XX

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