Chorus Slow down I really want to hear your voice Love is such a simple choice Hidden behind this busy life Slow down You're breaking off my sin and shame Sometimes it's hard to speak your name With all these distractions stealing time verse 1 I can feel the weight of the world on my shoulders Even though it's not there And even when I feel like I am all alone I know you still care for me So carry me into my destiny but don't leave me The same way that I came to you I try to let go but I find This worry plagues me so Even though the answer's clear Chorus verse 2 If patience light the path to A life thats lived in love Let it shine on me 'Cause the busyness of life And learning how to live Has stolen what makes me free I long to just be present in the present But sometimes I'm distracted So now I know there's only one thing left to do I'm gonna shut it all down Chorus Ending Slow down Slow down I'm not in a hurry I don't have to worry Slow down Slow down

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