() all the way through You give me light through the darkness You are my sword which protects me from evil Its through you I?m free It?s from your cuts I remain cut-less Now I?m singin? from the roof-tops with a song of truth ?Cause of the love you?ve given me I?ve found a love that gives me peace I?ve found a love that makes me complete I?ve found a love that has no defeat And when I?m weakened, you restore my strength Now as I stand within your presence Seeing your face I fall to my knees, in awe Jesus I want to glorify your ultimate name And I?ll give up my dignity, for you gave up your life for mine I?ve found a love that makes me who I am I?ve found a love that makes me go deeper than I ever have Oh yeah, I?ve found a love I have found a love Words and Music by: Jaryd Fernandez The 7 rocks worship © 2005 The use fee is free, for praise + worship and other specific purposes. Email Jaryd Fernandez at: [email protected]

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