Glow In The Dark

Jason Gray

verse 1: Sometimes the world feels like a mess Full of drama, full of stress And life puts a fist right in your ribs You can hide if you choose to And no one would even blame you Or you can let them see how you deal with it That even in the darkest place His love can make you radiate Doesn’t matter how deep, how dark the night is Keep hoping, keep on shining And they’ll see His light burning in your heart And if the road gets rough Just keep your head up Let the world see what you’re made of That His love’s alive in your deepest parts Like a flame, like a burning star you can Shine right where you are He made you to glow in the dark verse 2: Don’t be ashamed of your past If you’re shattered like a piece of glass The more broke you are The more the light gets through Show your wounds and your flaws Show them why you still need the cross Let them see the work He’s doing in you That even in the darkest place His love can make you radiate Repeat Chorus Interlude: Oh, oh, oh, oh Repeat Chorus Coda: Glow in the dark Doesn’t matter how Glow in the dark Doesn’t matter how

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