Nothing Is Wasted

Jason Gray

The hurt that broke your heart And left you trembling in the dark Feeling lost and alone Will tell you hope?s a lie But what if every tear you cry Will seed the ground where joy will grow And nothing is wasted Nothing is wasted In the hands of our Redeemer Nothing is wasted It?s from the deepest wounds That beauty finds a place to bloom And you will see before the end That every broken piece is Gathered in the heart of Jesus And what?s lost will be found again (Repeat Chorus) When hope is more than you can bare And it's too hard to believe it could be true When your strength fails you half way there You can lean on me and I'll believe for you Give it time, you may believe it too Nothing is wasted Nothing is wasted Sometimes we are waiting In the sorrow we have tasted But joy will replace it 'Cause nothing is wasted Nothing is wasted In the hand of our Redeemer Nothing is wasted End on:

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