The Wound Is Where The Light Gets In (live)

Jason Gray

Verse 1 I was half way up the mountain when the rocks I held gave way Came tumbling like an avalanche, to the bottom wher I lay Now with the taste of blood and twist of bone My healing could begin 'Cause the wound is where the light, The wound is where the light The wound is where the light gets in Verse 2 I've stood here like a hostage with a knife held to my vain Held captive to the poison that I took to numb the pain 'Cause everybody wishes they were born with thicker skin Bridge It's trickey how the heart works When the break ups and the big jecks Make never want to hurt that way again Maybe I'm naive but in every scare I see A place where love is trying to break in 'Cause the wound is where the light Verse 3 You can recognise a saint by the scares they don't disguise You can pick out a real sinner by the kindness in their eyes So if you're stumbling in the dark and bleeding at the (shin?) Remember

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