Daddy, daddy do you miss___ me. The way I crawled upon Your___knee. Those childish games of hide and seek now seem a million miles away. I lost in some illu - sion. Or am I what you thought I'd___be. Now it seems I find myself in need to be forgiven. Is there still room upon that knee? Chorus: If I give my Life if I lay it down can you turn this Life around, around can I be made clean by this offering of my soul. Can I be made whole again? Have I labored all for noth - ing. Trying to make it on my own. Fear to reach out for the hand of one who'd understand me; say, I'd rather be here all alone. It's all my fault I sit and wallow in seclusion. As if I had no hope at all, I guess truth becomes you I have seen it all in motion that Pride comes before a fall. Chorus: Can I offer up this simple prayer. Pray it finds a simple ear. A scratch in your infinite time. Not withstanding my fallings not withstanding my crime! Chorus:

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