Music & Lyrics by John Butler From the EP "JBT" By The John Butler Trio Transcribed by: Robbie Email: [email protected] This is a really basic interpretation so feel free to email me back with more information. This is played on an 11 string amplified acoustic with the tuning: In between the main chords John finger picks out various open notes and during the solo he uses a glass slide on his little finger. These are just the two basic riffs throughout the song. -|-0--0--00-00-0000----------------------------------------------------------- -|-0--0--00-00-0000----------------------------------------------------------- -|-0--0--00-00-0000----------------------------------------------------------- -|-0--0--00-00-0000----------------------------------------------------------- -|-0--0--00-03-3333----------------------------------------------------------- -|-0--0--00-03-3333----------------------------------------------------------- -|-----000-00-0000-0-000-00-0000---------------------------------------------- -|-----000-00-0000-0-000-00-0000---------------------------------------------- -|-----000-00-0000-0-000-00-0000---------------------------------------------- -|-----000-00-0000-0-000-00-0000---------------------------------------------- -|-3\5-555-03-3333-0-000-03-3333---------------------------------------------- -|-----000-03-3333-0-000-03-3333---------------------------------------------- Got any Tabs? Send them to [email protected]

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