King Curly - I Wish I Was A Girl 
tuned one step down () 
second tab i've done, so forgive  
any mistakes if they are there 
sometimes i wish i was a girl 
in the movies in the late-night show 
when the lights are way down low 
i could be all alone  
making out in the back row 
no-one will ever know  
sometimes i wish i was a girl 
going out with a boy like me 
i'd get all my drinks for free 
and when you dropped me home 
i'd wave goodbye untill i'd seen your tail-lights gone 
i won't be needing you from here on 
imagine what fun i'd have 
behind the bedroom door 
and i wouldn't need your loving 
i can't begin to tell you what i'd like to do 
but if it's any consolation 
i'd like to be a girl like you  
you may think that i'm perculier, well thats alright 
but i do know what i am 
i just like you, and i'm sick and tired of putting you down 
but if i was more like you i wouldn't have to follow you around 
you'll have to figure out the rest from there, it basically repeats itself 
Tabbed by me