Transcribed by Dan Meijer  
Dan's Chord Chart Archive 
A great song, why it missed out on the album I have no idea. I'll just put  
the chords down on 1 verse, 1 chorus, and the bridge. The rest of the  
lyrics are there, just repeat the progressions. 
I thought I saw a shooting star  
but it was just a satellite.  
Crashing down to earth, are you okay, 
12 000 greedy miles away? 
Space junk up in the stratosphere  
is giving more than astronauts nightmares.  
Maybe I should be with you?  
Make sure they don't hurt you too? 
I want to touch your hair. Pay your airplane fare  
if it brings you back to me. 
Live on mushy peas. Brave mad cow disease  
if it brings you back to me. 
Wooh oooh oooh, wooh ooh oooh 
I'm driving all my friends to drink,  
at least more than they used to drink I think.  
Talking 'bout your shining light.  
How I read by you at night. 
Some lucky bloke whose back is twist  
has got you for his private therapist.  
I want to step into his place.  
Wear his orthopaedic brace. 
Tear up Sheffield streets  
in my naked feet  
if it brings you back to me. 
Camp on Furber Road.  
Say I love you in Morse Code,  
if it brings you back to me. 
Wooh ooh etc 
I'll act like I don't care,  
so aloof I'll float on air,  
if it brings you back to me. 
I'll pull out all the stops,  
sell my soul to the traffic cops,  
if it brings you back to me. 
Woo ooh etc 
(finish on a )