Transcribed by Dan Meijer Dan's tabs INTRO: You were always too skinny Skin and bones from head to toe You were always too willing To close your eyes and let it go Dodging raindrops and falling through the cracks You never looked the same, we never threw you back Like a fish outta water, there?s something we oughta be doing (rpt) With more meat on your bones you wouldn?t be so alone they said But they left you here instead To bend your back and break your neck Da da da da da... Da da da da da... (rpt) You were always too pretty From Sunday?s best to Monday?s mess You were always too willing To find your way and lose your breath Blowing in the wind and falling through the sky You never felt the same, you didn?t have to try Like an accident waiting ... there was something we shoulda be saying its alright (Continue throughout) Every smile, every rumour, if it means something to you, it?s alright Every time they see through you, if it means something to you, it?s alright It?s alright

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