Transcribed by Dan Meijer Dan's tabs INTRO: Verse: I just want to lose myself and I will, I will. Everything I?ve got I?ll sell, I will, I will. Chorus: I want to find an empty place. Where I don?t have to show my face. And leave no fingerprints to trace. I will, I will. Verse: Oh but if you want I?ll stick around, I will, I will. Through every city, every town, I will, I will. Verse: I?ve got nothing of my own. I plant the seed but nothing grows. I want to make your hands my home. I will, I will. Bridge: Dah dah dah... I want to be a stronger man. And next to you I know I can. But then I walk away again. I will, I will, I will, I will Dah dah dah...

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