TUNING: EADGBE TABBED BY: CC ([email protected]) This is definitely the best Little Hornet song yet. Great hooks and very good lyrics. If you?ve seen the clip, you?ll get the words... A departure from C?mon Mrs Jones and Mr. Lazy cos they?ve written a new tune :) This song never sounds quite right when played....but grab the CD and it sounds almost passable. Enjoy.... INTRO: x2 VERSE: So your pride and joy?s a bridal boy And you can?t seem to understand now The way he?s acting yet the fact is Someone needs to hold his hand BRIDGE: I thought it was a dream I didn?t mean to seem To love the wrong way a-round Time to face each day And love in every way Wipe your tears a-way CHORUS: (I?m not too sure about this bit) ? Mother, please don?t cry ? Wipe your tears from your eyes Daddy it?ll be alright It?s not the end of the world VERSE: Thought he was sweet can?t stand his feet Up to his precious head now Say goodbye and sit and cry Over the one you taught the ???? BRIDGE CHORUS TAG: Get up off your knees There?s no need to tease He?s done all he can To become such a man I?m begging you please Begging you please SOLO: Pretty much a blues-y sorta thing CHORUS It?s not the end of the world

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