My neighbour does some funny things He's got three kids and he's got six drinks to go Before he sleeps tonight Singing liberation songs out on the front verandah My neighbour falls asleep out there He wakes up the next morning with the sun And it reminds him that it's time Well it's off to work we go He's always one day starting way behind another Get it back now x6 Dreaming is a casual thing you do if you believe In just by chance one day the lovely things will come true. But he's well past thinking that It's now a day by day proposal He's lost his magic, Christ he'd like to get it back now Get it back now x6 Once upon a time there were so many plans Holidays and blossoms and some fine romance But it's all behind him now There's no game plan to be followed He's lost his magic, Christ he'd like to get it back now Get it back now x12 A pretty straight forward tab for an awesome song. If there are any corrections or or comments or you can tab this a bit more professionally to capture the piano played through the bulk of this song, send them to me at: [email protected] Cheers, Hally

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