I've been sweeping the leaves out of my driveway I've been living a good life up to now But the basket weaving and therapy sessions Are barely enough to dampen obsessions I've been taking a cold bath on the hour I've been sweet and I've been good Till you walked on home through my neighbourhood Now I watch you and I want you to know When I hold your hand I want let go I'm a walking, talking, ticking Tiiiiiiiiiiiime Bomb I've been taking every ride from strangers Cause there ain't nobody, and I mean nobody stranger than me Here's one soul your system won't save Get me put down may be then I'll behave I've been living a good life up to now I've been watching the worl from out my window And I've been doing like the told me in the hosiptal, I hold my breath and count to ten But the thoughts I'm having defy description Tell me where in the hell did I put my perscription I've been having those strange dreams again Tabbed: Damien Murtagh

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