It May be pointless transcribing the guitar for a band whose sound relies on instrumentation, but here it is anyway. :) No rhythm shown (buy the CD to get the rhythm. You Will NOT be disappointed) 1st guitar e-|-0-1- B-|-1-1- G-|-2-2- D-|-2-2- (Played until the lyrics start, and again after "smile hung A-|-0-0- Like a leaden charm") E-|----- Mucking around with a screwdriver creates that eerie slide effect thingy played on another guitar. Bass Bit Intro and most of song G-|------|-----2----- D-|------|----2-2---- A-|-5b-0-|-0h3---3-0- E-|------|----------- (this is guess at best as it is barely audible) No guitar through first half of verse After "Bad light followed all the way" (this happens twice) played w/distortion with similar rhythm to intro. Back to Riff 1 at "The stink of salvation.." At "Pretty flowers on her grave" an electric guitar plays an Barre chord with some raking. Then to Dm. This is hardly complete but its a start.

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