Not Rocket Science


Australia NOT ROCKET SCIENCE by POLLEN i play this on the e string just because it sounds nice and tinny like in the song... you can probably play it anywhere reasonably on the bottom 3 strings though.. the position that you start with is also variable but i root it at the 12th fret (sounds awesome with an auto-wah too) verse: e-12---12-----12-12-13-15-13---12---12-----12-12-13-15-13....(repeat) "....he's gonna see the world...." chorus: e-12-12-12-12-12---12-13-15-17---17-17-17-17-17---17-15-13-12...(repeat) leads into the 'i hear him on the a.m.' not so sure about this part (after chorus) e-20-20-20-20-19-19-17-----17-17-17-15-17-15-17-15-13-12.... ive got a feeling that the bass parts might be VERY important to this song - but i have no idea on how they run. Frosty ([email protected])

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