Tune down 1/2 step CHORDS USED (i'll put them down this way because i cant be stuffed figuring ----------- out the real names) A with add on E|--2----|---0----|---0---|---x/0--|---------------------- B|--3----|---1----|---3---|----0---|---2-------3---------- G|--4----|---0----|---0---|----4---|---2-------2---------- D|--2----|---2----|---4---|----4---|---2-------2---------- A|--2----|---3----|---5---|----2---|---0-------0---------- E|--0----|--------|-------|----0---|---------------------- INTRO & VERSE Rail-ride, calm down is all you ever say, clam?sdg..up you're al-ways......etc PRECHORUS uses the 'A' above but with a sus in the 3rd fret going to the 'A' E-----------| B----3---2--| G----2---2--| <-- x 3 A (4 strums) D----2---2--| A----0---0--| E-----------| CHORUS (the if you want(?) ...i will...) set fire, set fire, burn every-one, i'll burn, i'll burn, into.... 2ND VERSE -same as the first but funnily enough it has different lyrics .....of which i am to deaf to interpret! ;} The song ends playin the intro as Matt sings one bar of intro then the long "raaaaaaillllllrrriiiidde" This sounds close enough, maybe some slight alterations on fretting, but generally all the chords are correct (except the names?) If any improvements must be added, send away! (no to me though) And if any comments, keep them to yourselves!

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