Feels So Good


Transcribed by Dave Carr ([email protected]) (use 5th fret shape)) (Intro) E|-----------5-----------------5---- B|------5-------5--------7--------7- G|-6--6---6--------7--7-----7------- (x 4) D|-7---------------7---------------- A|---------------------------------- E|---------------------------------- (V1) When you touch me it feels so good You know you make me won't to scream When you hold me tight in your arms I cannot believe this dream (V2) Floating on a cloud the birds sing so loud And I'm buzzing with the bees High in the sky past the elephant's eye O won't you come ride with me (CH) It feels so good, and it feels so good And it feels like nothing that I've ever had (V3) Catch the sweet thing with the spider legs, Oh when it rains it really pours I taste the fruit all dripping on me It never felt like this before (V4) I am drowning in such sweet surrender And you sing me a lullaby The blood from my heart reaches my brain I've never been so high {CHORUS} A--- into verse 5 e|---------------------------------- B|---------------------------------- G|---------------------------------- D|---------------------------------- A|-4^5--4^5--4^5--7--5--4^5^4--0--0- E|---------------------------------- (V5) I taste the poison when I touch your lips The poison in your kiss This strange feeling has come over me And I'm gonna love you to death (V6) A dream angel won't you fly in me Is that the devil in your eyes It feels so good when you're touching my skin Like I could almost die {CHORUS} x 2 .....Oh

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