Transcribed by Dave Carr ([email protected]) (starts with just bass and drums..) Note: Play A on the fifth fret ( shape) and shape also). (INTRO) (bass notes) {RIFF} E|----------------------------- E|----------------------------- B|--4^5^4--0--------4^5^4--0--- B|-4^5^4--0--------4^5^4--0>>>> G|------------1--2------------- (x 3) G|-----------1--2-------------- D|----------------------------2 D|----------------------------- A|----------------------------- A|----------------------------- E|----------------------------- E|----------------------------- (V1) Alone, not to be forever One day the anti will come Go be one together ) Why is this such a surprise {Riff} (V2) Facade falling down around you To see others in diguise To start a brand new morning Welcome the new day rise (CH1) Here comes the sun Over hori - zon like blinding eyes (SOLO) E|---------------------------------------------------------------------- B|-----------------------------------------------------------0--0^2^0--2 G|----------------1--1--2--1------------------1--1--2--1--2------------- D|-2--2.2^4^2--4--------------4--2--2^4^2--4---------------------------- A|---------------------------------------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------------------------------- E|-0--0--2--0--2--4--4--4^5^4--2--0-----0----------- B|-----------------------------------2-----2--0>>>>> G|-------------------------------------------------- D|-------------------------------------------------- A|-------------------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------- (V3) 'Tis night, and I'm so happy to meet you To see a new star rise Tonight, to be happy together To feeling no need to cry {Chorus1} (CH2) Losing disguise Here comes the rain Washing away all of the pain

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