Love No More


Transcribed by Dave Carr ([email protected]) (RIFF 1) x 2 E|------------------------------------------------------------------------ B|-3--3--3--0------------------------------------------------------------- G|------------2-----0--2--2--4--2--0-----0--2--2--4--2--0-----0--2--2----- D|---------------4--------------------4--------------------4----------4--0 A|------------------------------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------------------------ (CH) My girl she says she loves me no more She says she loves me no more She says she don't love me now {Chorus} (again) (V1) The way she thinks it's all a game She throws me in and out again // I'll be better off without her (V2) Hiding from the dragon's flame I'm in the way and scorched again I'll be better off without her {Chorus} (V3) A broken heart's a window pane A broken heart, no not again I'll, be better off without her (V4) So brain washed and hypnotised Now I see all of the lies I'll be better off without her {RIFF 2} E|-0--0--0------------------------------------------------------------------ B|----------2--0--------0--0--2--0-----------0--0--2--0-----------0--0------ G|----------------1--2--------------2--1--2--------------2--1--2--------1--- D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------2 A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- {Riff 1} Note: is 2nd Fret (Ashape) Barre (BR) Lonely crow in the middle of a bad dream Restless soul in the middle of a scream One black crow on a lonely road When I wake up my head is still screaming {Chorus} x 2 (END) Now love is gone I must move on ... Gotta get away, gotta get along (repeat to fade)

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