Sick Of Being Down


Transcribed by Dave Carr ([email protected]) Note: best to use barres for this one :) (Intro) (V1) Oh baby baby, has a cat got your tongue? (normal) You're sitting there so quiet, what is going on? Oh baby baby, has a cat got your tongue? You're looking at me so quiet, what have I done wrong? (CH) I'm so sick and tired of being down, what a clown Rise little summer sunshine, making me happy Wanna be happy, gonna be happy E|-------------- B|-5------------ G|------7--6--7- x 4 D|-------------- A|-------------- E|-------------- (V2) Oh baby baby, what's with all the frown? Gotta keep that pretty face smiling Sorrow knocked you round x 2 {Chorus} (Solo) E|--------------------------------------0^4--2--0- B|-------------2--3--2--0----------0.0------------ G|----------2--------------2---------------------- D|-2--2--2--------------------4/2----------------- A|------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------ E|----------------------------------------------- B|-3------------3-------------------------------- G|----2------------2----------------------------- D|-------4--0---------4--0--2.2-------------0--2- A|-------------------------------0--0--4.4------- E|----------------------------------------------- (V3) Oh baby baby, when the rain is falling down Gotta keep my head out of water Head up not to drown Oh baby baby, come blow me away Gotta keep my two feet on the ground Gonna keep my head peddling the wind {Chorus} x 2 Wanna be happy, gonna be happy x 3 Wanna be happy, gonna be...

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