That Aint Bad


Transcribed by Dave Carr ([email protected]) Tempo = 134 (For this, the best chords are bar chords) D... E|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|--- A... E|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|--- B|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|-X- B|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|--- G|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|-X- G|---|---|---|---|-X-|-X-|--- D|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|-X- D|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|-X- A|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|--- A|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|-X- E|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|--- E|---|---|---|---|-X-|---|--- G...same as A but 2 frets lower (on 3rd) E...same as but 2 frets higher (7th) B...same as A but 2 frets higher (7th) So that's all you here's the song (the first verse has just the bass and drums, but whatever) (V1) They told me that you were really bad news They said that you were no good for me They told me that you were a bad, bad person But you seem all right to me (CH) I love you Ye..ah I love you Ye..ah I love you Ye..ah I love you (V2) They told me that you hung around with all the wrong people They said that you were no good for me They said I should not even talk to you Oh now you seem all right to me {Chorus} (SOLO) |-----this change quick | ---hammer on/pull off E|-------5--2-----2--12--10--5--2--2^3^2--3--2---------------- B|-3-----------3--------------------------------3>>>>(hold)--- G|----2------------------------------------------------------- D|------------------------------------------------------------ A|------------------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------------ E|----^3^2--3--7>>>>(hold)-7--5--4--5--7-/-7>>>7--5--4--5 B|-3------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- (V3) They told me that you lied They said that you would do something bad to me But I cannot seem to see that side A-when, when you're holding onto me {Chorus} (END) And That Ain't Bad That Ain't Bad (I love you) (etc. to fade) (Fade out lyrics) Oh no, no I don't wanna ever not ever lose you, babe Because I just love to be around you! Coz you know I call you my friend! When you wanna go I just get scared, I don't wanna let you go I hold on for ever and ever and ever and ever And I walk around you with my heart in your hand You can walk around with mine because baby I love you (I love you)

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