Time Bomb (of hate)


Now for this little ditty, the way Simon plays it (IMHO) is from the 7th fret shape). Time Bomb (of Hate) (Ratcat) (Intro) x 2 (V1) Did you check the wires to the time bomb in my heart It's all set to go into a brand new start The clock's ticking now, the time's about to come When all will change, these feelings I have found (CH1) Let me tell you now, I'm in love And it's you I've been dreaming of far too long (V2) Nothing that you say or do is gonna make me change the way The way that I feel about you Nothing that is on my mind is gonna make me change this feeling That our love is of a deadly kind (CH2) (Time bomb of hate) Let me tell you now, it was true romance And it's you who's enhancing my state of mind (Solo) E|-2--2--0-----0----------------------- B|----------4-----4--2--0--2--0--4--0-- G|------------------------------------- D|------------------------------------- A|------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------- E|-2--2--0-----0--------------------4--2- B|----------4-----4--2--0--2--0--4------- G|--------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------

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