TABBED BY: CC ([email protected]) This song is simple yet stunning. It?s just chords. Comments and corrections welcome. INTRO: e--1-------- B--1--1-1--- G--2--0-0--- D--3--2-2--- A--3--3-3--- E--1-------- VERSE: The verse chords are In the first verse, some notes are picked out. What I?ve put down is not right but it doesn?t really matter what you play :) e------------------------1---------3--- B--1-----------1---------1---------0--- G--0-----------2---------2---------0--- D--2-----------2---------3---------0--- A--3---0-3-3-5-0---3-3-5-3---3-3---2--- E--------------0---------1-------1-3--- CHORUS The chorus is split up into two parts: PART 1 is where Rebecca says, ?Love is always measured in loss? PART 2 is where she says, ?I?m in deep..? PART 1 PART 2 (????) There?s a somewhere in Part 2. I don?t really know that bit and I?m sure there is a solo afterwards somewhere but I can?t hear it under all the strings so sorry about that. The song ends on a

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