This song is easy I haven't done the keyboard but. Enjoy. Intro : x 4 Verse: I got killed by black bugs on my video game Although to myself it doesn't mean to much I keep dying and dying over and over again And now I feel I'm alive so I'll just pretend Chorus: What's at the end, what's at the end, what's at the end of satans rainbow x2 Verse 2: Sat at the Tv to long and now I'm not the same I've got to remind myself that it's just a game It's getting harder and harder to get to sleep at night I think I'll let them shhot me so I can die chorus : Same Solo: verse chords Chorus: fade That is it there's probally little things that people could pick up in the song so this is a very basic transcription. If anyone wants the keyboard I can figure it out. It only took one listen to work out. Thanks Martin Gibson [email protected]

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