Happiness/Happiness (Rotting My Brain)


This is the tab (according to me) for the first catchy single from ...art. It's not so hard to play. Its just a few riffs that are repeated through the song. As the 'gurge say, the riffs are always the same and they never end. Once you can play the riffs to speed, you should be right. Just listen to your album for appropriate timing. e|---------4------ riff 1. B|-----3-------3-- This is a main one that is stuck EVERYWHERE. G|------------2--- Sometimes there's a delay on the initial slide D|-0/2---2-------- from 0-2 on the D. Listen to it and you'll know A|-----------0---- what I'm taking about. E|---------------- e|-----7-10--------9-12------7-10-------10-9-- riff 2. B|---9----------10---------9---------10------- These are all supposed G|-9---------11----------9---------7---------- to be played staccato. D|-------------------------------------------- It also sounds like its A|-------------------------------------------- played muted...you E|-------------------------------------------- decide. e|-----------0- riff 3. B|---0---3-2--- This is the bit that gets played G|------------- at the chorus and the very end. D|-2---2------- Sometimes the first note is a slide from D-E, A|------------- you figure it out. Also in some places you can hear E|------------- the E played constantly as a bass note through the riff. e|-----0------0-- riff 4 or 3a, however you like it. B|-3-2----3-2---- This is the bit that gets tacked G|--------------- onto the end of riff 3 in certain D|--------------- places. A|--------------- E|--------------- e|---------- Optional bass riff. B|---------- This fits almost anywhere. G|---------- Use it at your disgression. D|-0/2-2-0-- A|---------- E|---------- There are a whole bunch of tiny improvised notes that will feel right to play if you wish, I wont bother with any of that. In a lot of places the riffs are played at the same time. So if you're a solo artist, it's time to hone in on your home mixing skills. And if you have a buddy, you can play duets! (WOW!). Here's the basic song structure: Intro: Riff 1 X 12 (at the X4 is where the loops and samples kick in) Riff 2 X 3.5 (at the end of this is a synth stringed somethingerother) Riff 2 X 4 and Riff 1 X 8 (this is all played at the same time) Verse: Riff 1 1 1 1 I love pointless effluent, it seems to love me. 1 1 1 Sticking to my teeth like polythene glue making everything seem so {SYNTH} sweet. ....anyway, you get the idea. Chorus: Riff 3 3 3 3 3 Rotting my brain once again. Its always the same and it never ends. {over 'ends' the second time, you use riff 4} ...you get the idea. Middle bit: Riff 2 X 2 then... Riff 2 2 Drug me, fuck me, dull the pain, I don't ever wanna know. ...you get the idea. Outro: Riff 3 X 3 Riff 4 Riff 3 X 3 Riff 4 Then finish by plucking the string. HOPEFULLY this makes SOME sense to you. If all this is shit to you, just look at the riffs and time it yourself, it'll be HEAPS easier.

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