I Like Repetetive Music


This is rap so it's pretty repetetive (hence the name) I've seen Quan do this live and you've gotta admire the way he can rap and play at the same time. Pretty simple riff, all 7th chords. I've also included the sampled lead guitar roll that you can hear in the song. Thanks to Sam Rose (tha zerofunk man) for helping me with this tab. Song Structure: Intro Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2 Chorus Interlude Chorus repeated outro Riff: e------------------ B------------------ G-------5----2----7 D--5----4----1----6 A--4----5----2----7 E--5--------------- Sampled lead guitar: e---------------- B---------------- G--7h8h7--5------ D-----------7-5-7 A---------------- E----------------

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