Just Another Beautiful Story


Intro Riff (keyboard arranged for guitar) e------2-5---5-3-2--- B--3-5--------------- G----------3--------- A-------------------- x 4 D-------------------- E-------------------- (best played as barre A chords. won't sound quite like CD 'cos they use harmonics with the bass to sound trippy, but cool to impress your mates.) x 4 (VERSE 1) all that i am and all i'll ever be, is a brain in a body all that i know and all i'll ever see, is the real things around me (BRIDGE) all i've heard and it's true, there ain't no god there's just me and you i don't see a point to this place, but i'm happy to floating in space (CHROUS) i won't mind if you're holding my hand and life seems to fly when you don't understand it the world turns around and it don't give a damn if we all die away and we never come back again (Intro Riff) (VERSE 2) all that i am and all i'll ever be is a brain in a body live till i die and then run away it's a beautiful story BRIDGE SOLO (TRUMPET) CHORUS x 2 OUTRo/INTRO cheers guys, Simon, [email protected]

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