Below I have transcribed the riffs and the 2 chord progressions used in this cool little tune. I'm unsure whether the bass riff changes during the song or if some effects are used to give a different sound. It was pointless to tab it out entirely since there's a lot of repetition so listen to the CD to work out when to play each bit. I've also only indicated approximate timing and it's best to play around with the riffs to give different sounds. It is nearly possible to play both lead and bass parts with one guitar and sing as well. Intro riff: e-------1------6---6---6--- B-2------------------------ G-----1---1---------------- D-------------------------- A-------------------------- E-------------------------- Bass riffs: G---------|---------| D-2---0---|-4-5-4-5-| A---------|---------| E---------|---------| Guitar riff: e-6-7-6-5-6-5-4-5-4-5- B--------------------- G--------------------- D--------------------- A--------------------- E--------------------- Chord progressions: G|-3-4-|-3---| D|-4-5-|-4-2-| A|-4-5-|-4-2-| E|-2-3-|-2---|

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