Miffy's Simplicity


The previous tab was, to be kind, bloody terrible (as is the case with most Spiderbait Buy me a pony tabs). It's a pretty simple song, which is a little tricky to work out thanks to heaps of distortion and Quan's tendency to throw in subtle variations of chord progressions (as he does also in F.S.O. and Track 1 which I hope to post soon). I've only included the chords below, so you'll have to work out how often to play them. I'm fairly certain this is correct, but any corrections or criticisms are welcome. Verse Part 1 (played 3x) G|-3------|---|---| D|-3----8-|-5-|-3-| for most verse lines you finish A|-1-or-8-|-5-|-3-| back on E|------6-|-3-|-1-| Verse Part 2 (played 1x) G|-8-|-------5-|------4-| D|-8-|-10----5-|-9----4-| A|-6-|-10-or-3-|-9-or-2-| E|---|-8-------|-7------| Chorus Part 1 Part 2 G|-4-|-7-|---|---| |-4-|-7-|---|---| D|-4-|-7-|-7-|-4-| |-4-|-7-|-6-|-3-| A|-2-|-5-|-7-|-4-| |-2-|-5-|-6-|-3-| E|---|---|-5-|-2-| |---|---|-4-|-1-| The song finishes on (022xxx)

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