This song is similar to pop porn as it comprises a bass riff and a programmed riff with some other weird stuff at the end. I've tried to transcribe it all but some of the end riffs are undoubtedly wrong. The main programmed riff is very similar to the riff from "I like it like that". Bass riff (unsure if one or both are used): G----------------2------| |----------------2------- D-----3----2----------2-| or |-----3----2-----------3- A-0-2-------------------| |-0-2-------------------- E-----------------------| |------------------------ Main prog. riff (throw in some hammer ons, pull offs, slides and vibrato to make it interesting): e-8-9-8-7-8---8-9-8-7-8-7-6---0--5--- B----------------------------------6- Prog. riff towards end: e-11-8-14 Final prog riffs before start of 348 Hz: G-4-4-1-2-|-1-2-|-1-1-1-1---|-1-2-2-2-2---4-6-|-2-2---1-2-2-2 D---------|-----|---------2-|-----------2-----|-----2-------- A---------|-----|-----------|-----------------|-------------- E---------|-----|-----------|-----------------|--------------

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