This is one of the four b-sides from the 'I wanna be a nudist' single. The only other one that can be tabbed is 'Kill your T.V' because the others are electronic and samples. The Guitar bit can be played ther same as the bass bit and it can also be played in chords. Song structure: Part 1 Part 2 Part 1 repeated Part 2 repeated Outro Tab key: #=hammer on (Light distortion during the whole song) Part 1: E-0--3--0--3--3--0----3--0--3--0--0----------- A-0--5--0--5--5--0----5--0--5--0--0---0#3--- D-0--5--0--5--5--0----5--0--5--0--0---------0 G----------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------- Part 2: E----------------------- A-3--2--2---3--2--2 D-5--4--4---5--4--4 G-5--4--4---5--4--4 B----------------------- E----------------------- Outro (same as Part 2)

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