But the feeling It tries to escape Bleeds through the light Even when I close my eyes Its not seething The weight on this shoulder I can't wait to chase the fiction home And carry on Favors in reverse Songs are unrehearsed When I get through this I hope I get through you Stains on my mind The cloud on that hour The minute you closed the door My eyes washed the floor Baby, baby it's hard to say But there seems to be no other way You left and you were right So I have to let us down this time 'Cause I can't 'Cause I can't feel it No other way but down No other way but down You said so yourself It's just It's just a feeling It's just a feeling What are you crying for What are you crying for When it's just a feeling God knows you can get through this When it's just a feeling They are just feelings These are just feelings I wanna know Do you feel anything As you go on your way Driving home As I sleep alone tonight I wanna know Do you feel anything For me Is there anything you like to say tonight? Before I go Before I go...forever...

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