Troubled Mind - Yonder Mountain String Band Intro: Headin' down to the river, feelin' all undone Might be for the best if I just stare into the sun So I can't see, what a fool you made of me Well, I am sittin' home alone, blue as I can be Music turned up loud as hell, it hurts but just as well But I can hear people talking 'bout us dear By the looks I get seems I am the last to know Apologetic eyes follow me everywhere I go I swear I'm twenty-twenty but I never saw the signs And now I sit alone and try to ease my troubled mind Mandolin break Guitar break Headed down to the barroom to get myself a drink Money in my pocket's gonna help me not to think Of you at all, no, I won't think of you at all Well, I swear that women, she's like a mystery I read those pages through and through I still don't have a clue 'bout what went wrong or why she left after so long Chorus Banjo break Chorus

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