Take me by your hand Make me feel like a new man It helps me understand, man It helps me understand, man Listen to the sad bands Get drunk on weekdays me and myself and It helps me understand, man It helps me understand, man E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------7--5--4--------| B|-----5-----7--5--------5-----9--7--5--------------5-----7--5-----5-----------------555| G|--6-----6-----------6-----6--------------------6-----6--------6-----6--------------666| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------777| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Now she's with a different man Hand in hand, well that used to be my hand I don't understand God please help me understand So I'm taping bottles to my hands Breaking bottles cause I can Well it helps me understand I'm staring at a blank wall Waiting for the ceiling to fall Well it helps me understand I don't need her anymore Where's the kid that we used to know gone? I don't need her anymore Where's the kid that we used to know? He's gone 6x 5x 6x (2x) E|------------------------------------| B|------5------------0--------------5-| G|------6------------9--------------6-| D|------6------------9--------------7-| A|------4------------7--------------7-| E|-------------------0----------------| Heeeee ( ) Well the last time I had my eyes on you Was the first time I really saw you And to this day I have dreams of you Yeah, my bed has kept that part of you No one has your lips and your hair Your lips and that stare But I see you everywhere I fucking go Solo E|-----------------------------------------------------------| B|-----19----17----14----12----12-10-9--10-9---9h10p9--------| G|--------18----16----13----11-------------------------11-9--| D|-----------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----19----17----14----12-10-9--10-9------9h10p9------------9h10p9------------9h10p9-----14-12-10-9--| G|--------18----16----13-----------------------------9h11p9------------9h11p9--------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| So I'm taping bottles to my hands, breaking bottles cause I can, well it helps me understand I'm staring at a blank wall waiting for the ceiling to fall

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