Shouting ()V 
Get a ()ty 
She got ()y 
I be()says 
Yes I () 
I be()day 
Her () 
Ita's tongue never touches her lips 
She could always be my godmother 
And though the desk-top hides her hips 
My imagination's strong 
She's the sweetest thing I've ever seen 
I'd like to take her out to dinner 
But when I think about the places I've been 
I'd probably hold my fork all wrong 
Every day and every night 
She's the only one we can depend upon 
I believe, I believe, in what she says 
Yes I do 
I believe, I believe, at the end of the day 
Her magazine'll get me through 
To every housewife through the land 
There is no-one else they can depend upon 
How could I not believe, when Ita tells me too