Go Ask An Old Man

Colin Hay

Go ask an old man, see what he's got to say Don't as your teachers, they weren't much good anyway Nothing really matters, as time drifts on by Its a drop in the ocean, a shot in the sky. Don't stray from the narrow, keep your hands clean Seems very silly, if you know what I mean You worry and worry, never really know why Wake up in the morning, as trams roll on by I have a love, so I can't complain For me there's no other, we play silly games Though she is not here, I'm never alone She lives in my pocket, and inside the phone I'm going to Scotland, that's where I'm from I'll probably not stay there, cause its not very warm We followed our father, cause father knows best With rhyme and good reason And my wheezing chest So go ask an old man, see what he's got to say. If he falls in the gutter, be on your way Nothing really matters, as time drifts on by You give your love presents, you laugh and you cry.

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