Intro: e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--5s13-13s15-12-12s13-12-8-10-12-8-----8s17-17s18--15-15s17-15-12-13-15-12-| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| Verse: My love, you're tired and its late But I have to say what I have to say I am not clear if you still want me near If you do please let me know Bridge: I'm no longer waiting for tomorrow e|--------------------------------| B|--3s10-8----------5-5s6-5-3-1---| G|--------------------------------| These bits are played in that line D|--------------------------------| Listen for when A|--------------------------------| E|--------------------------------| While there's still time left today e|-----------------| B|-8-10-12---------| G|-----------------| D|-----------------| A|-----------------| E|-----------------| Chorus: If I go You'll be with me If you want me to stay We'll fix whatever's broken Wherever I go I'll be with you My love is deeper than the sea And taller than a mountain Second verse: You held my life On a puppet string I have no secrets from you Tell me my love, is it still good enough? If its not please set me free e|-----------------------| B|--13-12-10-8-9-10------| G|-----------------------| D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| Bridge: You're nonchalant and drifting with the breeze Now won't you listen to me please

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