Im Doing Fine

Colin Hay

From the Transcendental Highway album. I've been unsure on alot of it, but someone asked for the chords so I'll post what I have, if you have suggestions and corrections then me know, but this is a rough idea of the chords. (or use the appropriate bar chords) Intro: Well hello, you'll have to excuse me I just put out the light, I was dreaming You're the last person I expected to hear When I came home, there was a message on my phone, that said to come over But it was too late, so I left you alone Chorus: And yes, I'm doing fine And thanks for asking Its been a long time You know time keeps passing Same chords for verse and chorus. Bridge: (very unsure of the bridge chords) And how's your new boy Does he take you down I can't believe his name is Roy Can this be love you've found Same chords for verse and chorus throughout. Like I said if you can improve it then by means let me know.

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