1)FOR STRUMMING PATTERN: I'd suggest choppy for the 1st  minor of each verse line and 
smooth for the E with the second  sharp being fairly brief and changing. For 
the verse keep it smooth but for the progression of  at the end this  
should be a quicker flourish. For the bridge keep the strumming rhythmic but emphasise the 
first beat and let the  be a more freely/quickly strummed progression. 
2) WHERE I'VE PUT E*: basically play a   
but it just sounds more like the piece 
3) Where I've put an  chord but up 1 fret. 
4) Feel free to mess around with  a bit in the verse as a flourish at the end of the 
get back to the verse from the Chorus. 
5) Enjoy the piece! This should be fairly accurate as it's based on live video footage 
and a seasoned ear, but by all means dabble yourself and send me any suggestions or 
messages on twitter (@SmallGardenBird)p.s get a kazoo for the 'doo' bits! 
verse 1: 
I ve got no one to call my own 
Nobody calls me on the phone, I ve been disconnected 
I ve been evicted from my home 
Name and address care of unknown, it s been redirected 
Now the open sky s my limit, 
And the sun s my point of view 
This time I had to lose to win 
verse 2: 
I walk down Peachtree Avenue 
Nothing s the same since I lost you, it s to be expected 
I never thought that I d stoop quite so low 
You had no choice but to up and go you felt so rejected 
I crashed with the wheels still spinning, 
I had no overview 
I just crawled out and walked away 
Now I can t stop my mouth from grinning, 
and time is running thin 
This time I had to lose to win 
This time I had to lose to win