Alot of it is palm muted on the recording, you can hear where if you 
listen but it doesn't really matter much if you do it too or not. 
He plays the intro like this on the recording, though just strumming the basic 
chords is fine. I won't put the strumming pattern as you can hear it and figure 
out the timing yourself. 
Did someone call my name 
Like a distant drum thats beating 
or is it just another dream of long ago 
I dance again, I am spinning 
In the light, I am living 
And I can feel the power, rushing through my veins 
Once upon a time, I could do no wrong 
Though the candle flickers, the flame is never gone 
(walk on the A string as in the intro going onto the ) 
To my brilliant feat 
May they all pay heed 
I hear the crowd roar, oh so loudly 
Second verse and bridge, then the second chorus is extended: 
To my brilliant feat 
May they all pay heed 
I hear the crowd roar, oh so loudly 
To my brilliant feat 
I make grown men weep 
And still my eyes grow, oh so cloudy 
After the last chorus play  to finish.  
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