She Keeps Me Dreaming

Colin Hay

Intro - x 2 Riff 1 e|----------| B|----------| G|-------4--| on the first time you end on D|-----2----| A|-2h4------| E|----------| Riff 2 e|----------| B|----------| G|----------| on the second time you end on D|-----2----| A|-2h4------| E|----------| Verse: I cried when she left town I knew why she was leaving My fault I cut the ground (1st riff from intro) From under her feet Now I look at myself in the mirror It's hard to find me in there Seems she took back what she came with Leaving me bare Chorus: She keeps me dreaming bm7 I look to the sky And I miss you She keeps me dreaming Additions/corrections welcome.

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