Wayfaring Sons

Colin Hay

Intro - You can hear the hammer ons in the intro, this progression is played like this: e|---3---3---3---3----3-------------------------------------------------| B|---3---3---3---3----3-------------------------------------------------| G|---0---0---0---0----0h2-----------------------------------------------| D|---0---0---2---0h2--0-------------------------------------------------| A|---2---0---3---3----3-------------------------------------------------| E|---3---2--------------------------------------------------------------| Verse: Don't go out in the night Even though you know the town someone always wants to fight You end up lying on the ground I dream of lying in the sun In my ears hear the ocean roaring Like all good wayfaring sons Travel home and the rain is pouring Soaks me to the skin, I duck into this public house and get shattered by the din. And back to the intro/verse chords. Bridge (played after the second chorus) Thats it. Comments welcome.

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